for the sorrys i should say

i i take back all the hurts i gave: you may choose to give me back with words that can break mountains or ones that can dry the seas, you may return them with darts to my naked heart… i take back everything i thought, said, did wrong… i am sorry that i went the… Continue reading for the sorrys i should say

Creative Nonfiction


Dear Hope, Life would have been unsuitable for me to live, if not for you. Yet, I am not so comfortable around you. You too are aware of this fact. We both know that I want something a little more than you at least. You know that I only see you as a promise or… Continue reading DEAR HOPE

Elegies · Poetry


(For Opeyemi Grace Dara; OAU final-year student of English who took her own life on August 2, 2019) Late Opeyemi Grace Dara I The sun will shine If there is still any day left; We rise again, If we are still here alive; A nightlong tearfulness Will come to an end If there is ever… Continue reading ELEGY FOR A QUITTER



I stand here, confused yet again A search for bliss to sooth my mental pain Here where I stand - where ideas drain And wishdom rottens, grain-a-grain Too much for A and so much for B I look as far and wide as I could see Where truly could the truth truly be? This way… Continue reading CROSSROAD



Back on the streets again, Home and exile, paradise and hell. Born to be tough and raw in my ways. You said there is a roadblock? That no one dares to take the risk? I say I am used to trusting my life With death and her nightly sisters. Gentlemanliness attracts me But my survival… Continue reading TRAVELLER



(in memory of Akinwumi Ishola)     When the sun rises again, we shall not forget to tell your story to the chirping birds on dancing trees, they will compose your elegies better and carry them farther than us, since your farewell has crippled the boldest letters of our alphabet, since we too shall go… Continue reading WHEN THE SUN RISES AGAIN